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Demonstrations 2023

February 2023 - Jim Power - Landscape in Oils

Jim treated us to a most interesting and informative evening.  He started with charcoal sketches to illustrate using aspects of composition to draw your eye in to the focal point.  He then went on to delight us with Summer and then a Winter landscape demonstrating and explaining the importance of warm, cool and opposite colours to make an interesting composition which captures the essence of the landscape at a particular time of day and year as well as leaving something of your personality in the painting.

Jim Power Feb 22 snowy ptg.jpg
Rachel Thomas mixed media Mar 23g
March 2023 - Rachel Thomas - Mixed Media Landscape

A very entertaining, informative and inspiring exploration of capturing the atmosphere of the Norfolk coast using a combination of watercolour, acrylic, oil pastels and pastel pencils. Rachel often uses mixed media to paint on site and/or as preparation for a work in oils. She advocates that you enjoy creating your work, paint it for you, with plenty of yourself in the work, using colours that please you and a composition that makes you happy.  Very sage advice.

Rachel Thomas Mar 23.jpg
Naome Cl-Wright Apr 23
April 2023 - Naomi Clements-Wright - Still Life in Oils

A very interesting exploration into the techniques of capturing a still life using oils. Naomi finds that accurate drawing is essential when attempting a still life work and likes plywood primed with grey, which she worked with a palette knife and brushes to create the difficult contrasting colours and textures of the jugs and lemon.

Naomi Clements-Wight Apr 23_edited.jpg
E Cooper 5 23 - 1_
May 2023 - Ed Cooper - Landscape in Oils

Ed treated the Society to a very interesting and informative journey through the way he creates a landscape painting.  Simplification of views is key to his work, to aid this he creates a digital sketch and tone study on the computer as sometimes tones are not what you expect.  Using just one brush he laid down the under painting of burnt umber then added colour on top to create a painting which uses a figure to add interest and the path to lead the eye through to the focal point of the church in the distance.

E Cooper 5 23 - 2
June 23 J Tookey
June 2023 - John Tookey - Street Scene in Watercolour 

John took the Society on an interesting journey through his creation of a Cambridge street scene. He usually works from his numerous sketch books, but if working from a photo he does a preliminary sketch that takes out elements which detract, in this instance foreground cars.  He then moves on to a light pencil drawing on the watercolour paper before building up his image in colour trying not to put too much detail in any one place, giving an overall balance to the scene.

June 23 J Tookey watercolour street scene
WAS Munnings 7.23.jpg
July 2023 - Alfred Munnings - an Illustrated Talk by Jenny Hand, Director of the Munnings Museum

Jenny held the Society and many visitors enthralled by her enthusiastic history of the life of Sir Alfred Munnings who is considered to be one of England's finest horse painters.  There were many photographs of his paintings, showing his exceptional use of colour and light which became more and more impressionistic  as well as anecdotes from his life.  Truly fascinating.

WAS Talk 7.23.jpg
August 2023 - Sue Williams - Using Acrylic Inks

Sue, one of the Society's Professional Artist members and experienced Art teacher, very kindly stepped in at short notice to demonstrate as the demonstrator for this month was unfortunately unable to make it.   Sue treated the Society to a very interesting and informative guide to acrylic inks, which some of us may not have tried.  She explained how the different brands have different qualities, so can be used in different ways.  Sue first created an Autumnal cottage scene and then a vibrantly coloured iris.

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