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Demonstrations 2024

February 2024 - Liz Balkwill - A Portrait in Pastel

Liz kept her whole audience enthralled. with her amazingly true to life portrait and all within two hours. Liz likes to sketch out the basic structure of the face with pastel pencils.  Here she explained proportions and alignments of various features.  She then blocks in tones with soft pastel sticks to start achieving a three dimensional feel. We were all blown away with the likeness to the sitter.

See more of Liz's work at

Mar 24 S Martyn painting
March 2024 - Stephen Martyn - Watercolour Landscape in the Style of Edward Seago

Stephen used the style and techniques of master watercolourist, Edward Seago, to create an atmospheric coastal scene.  Interspersed interesting highlights of Seago's life.  Stephen demonstrated how Seago painted his skies by applying the cloud washes to dry paper giving them some hard edges, how he used a minimal foreground to draw the eye in and how this was all achieved in only about three layers of paint.

Mar 24 S Martyn with his painting
Apr 24 P Partington Lapwing sketch
April 2024 - Peter Partington - Wildlife in its Habitat in Watercolour

Peter Partington treated members and guests to a masterclass in drawing birds and wildlife.  Using his many years of experience drawing out in the field he is able to capture the different bird species in just a few lines.  Starting with a streamlined tear drop shape for birds and a bean shape for mammals, then adding an appropriate head, neck and legs.  Peter's paintings tend to evolve based on his previous experience and knowledge of particular animals and plants.  We were all seriously impressed by his drawing skills.

Apr 24 P Partington Deer sketch
Apr 24 P Partington
Painting critique
May 2024 - AGM and Critique of Members' Paintings by John Shave and Sue Williams

The AGM part of the meeting was swiftly dealt with then on to the fun part, the critique of about 20 paintings brought in by Members.  Professional Members, John and Sue aimed to give a positive but helpful evaluation of the diverse artwork submitted.  Their most useful advice applied to composition, the use of reflected light to allow the colours of surroundings to appear in an object to act as a link, hard edges to draw the eye to a focal point and lost edges to help an object or plane to recede.  The importance of complimentary framing was also mentioned.  A lot of food for thought and ideas to try. 

Of all the work on display John chose the still life on a plate as his favourite, because the artist perservered with this painting and created something wonderful.

Painting choice
Paintings 2
June 24 G Webber
June 2024 - Graham Webber - Landscape in Oils

A large turnout of Members and guests enjoyed a superb masterclass in atmospheric landscape painting in oils.  Graham is a very accomplished, self-taught artist giving out many tips, tricks and words of advice to the benefit of all.

July 2024  Margaret Glass - Sky and River Scene in Pastels

The Society was extremely fortunate to benefit from the insight into pastels given by a leading pastellist of today.  Margaret is inspired by the drama of light in the natural landscape, capturing this on sanded paper, which will take many layers, with very soft pastels, in an oil painterly style. She starts with broad rough, dark strokes, fine tuning with more and more detail from there.  To achieve her vibrant colours she juxtaposes warm and cool hues, sometimes of the same colour over the top of one another and works from cool tones in the distance to warmer ones in the foreground to add wonderful depth. 

July 24 M Glass 2
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